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Our portable version!

It’s today’s choice! Efficient, practical, and portable

Reasons to choose Chillout Air

  1. Custom-Made Equipment!
  2. Perfect for small spaces that can’t accommodate a fixed unit.
  3. Dismountable and transportable equipment.
  4. Designed for travel by plane or car.
  5. Manufactured with high-strength materials.
  6. Remote operation via your smartphone.
  7. Fully customizable with colors, your branding – we can bring your vision to life!
Check the technical data sheet

Our services

Installation and setup of the equipment at your location


Our team visits you to validate the facilities intended for operation and advises you on setting up the cryotherapy area.

Technical Consultation

Operational and Commercial Training for the use and operation of our equipment.

Training and Certification

Operational, Commercial, and Safety Kit for user care, promoting Cryotherapy, and equipment operation.

Starter Kit

CRYOB provides nitrogen to ensure the warranty and safety conditions that your equipment requires with preferential commercial terms.

N2 Supply

Phone support service for technical and operational issue resolution.

Technical and Operational Support

The equipment purchase includes the first year of warranty, with the option to renew it each year to maintain the same conditions as a new unit. Our equipment is calibrated and serviced by our technicians during the preventive maintenance required, which is part of your warranty.

Warranty and Maintenance

Uses and Benefits

The cryotherapy business is very extensive. These are the four main fields of application based on the benefits of cryotherapy

Sports Sciences

Pain Medicine

Beauty and Aesthetics

Health and Wellness

“Our most innovative product